Tourism Day 2018 - Introduction

In a context where Tourism industry is rapidly growing in Sri Lanka, much attention has been paid on its growth and development as well as to enhance the awareness of people about tourism.

Department of Tourism Management, Faculty of Management Studies, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka being one of the leading education service providers in Tourism and Hospitality Management, is proposing to host the “Tourism Day 2018” in parallel to the World Tourism Day. 

We are intending to celebrate the Tourism Day highlighting the gradual replacement of the human effort by technology. However, in a corner stands the ‘Culture”. Many changes are said be happening to the culture and values of which the human society holds. So, as a responsible body, we believe that it is our duty to keep a step forward in the journey of cultural conservation in a digitally transforming tourism industry. 

The programme would be designed with activities that would undoubtedly contribute to enhance knowledge and awareness on current topics of Tourism. The programme would be targeted several stakeholders including tourism enterprise owners and employees, academics, undergraduates and school children. It would be comprised of discussions on technology usage in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry and the cultural conservation, competitions for undergraduates and school children, exhibition and workshops. The programme will mark its end with a cultural show that would bring a unique and novel experience to the audience valuing the cultural diversity.

Program Name – Tourism Day 2018

Program Theme – Cultural Conservation through Technology Advancement in Tourism Industry

Venue – The premises of the Faculty of Management Studies and The Auditorium of Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages

Dates – 27th September 2018