Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who can apply for the degree programmes conducted by the Faculty of Management Studies, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka?

The degree programmes are available for students those who studied their A/L’s in Commerce and Art streams and they must apply through the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. 

When will these courses start?

The courses will be commenced on November/ December 2018 for GCE Advanced Level (2017) students. However, the exact date will be decided after receiving the registered students’ list from the UGC. The course will be commenced as soon as the list is received by the university.

What is the structure of the degree programmes?

A four-year degree (eight academic semesters) programme with industrial internships is offered in seven specializations under the following departments.

 Department of Accountancy & Finance  B.Sc. Honors in Financial Management
   B.Sc. Honors in Banking & Insurance
 Department of Business Management   B.Sc. Honors in Business Management
 Department of Tourism Management  B.Sc. Honors in Hospitality Management
   B.Sc. Honors in Tourism Management
   B.Sc. Honors in Eco Business Management
 Department of Marketing Management  B.Sc. Honors in Marketing Management

Please refer to the program curriculum at

How do I select my favorite degree programme? 

When you enter the university, students are given with an opportunity to select the degree programme based on their preferences, Z-score and district rank during the first two weeks. 

How can I find the accommodation for stay during my academic period? 

The students who have registered for the degree programmes of the Faculty of Management Studies are eligible for hostel facilities provided by the University for an Annual Fee of Rs. 500.00. However, the priority is given for the students those who come to the university away from more than 20 kilometers, as criterion.  

Can I get the medical facilities when it is required?

University medical center provides all the medical requirements to all registered students and once in a week students are allowed to visit the medical center to consult the medical officers. In case of emergency, the students are provided with all the necessary medical treatments. 

Do I need to be fluent in English?

During the orientation period, students are taught English language assigning them to different groups. After the orientation programme, English language is taught during the degree programmes for further improvement. If students can improve their English language proficiency before entering the University, it would be an added advantage for their academic works; because, all the academic programmes are conducted in English medium.

What kinds of facilities are available to improve my academic career in the University?

In order to improve the quality of the degree programmes, the faculty has established all the required facilities to enhance the quality of the degree programmes which can be accessed by all the students in the faculty. 
Well-equipped library is available in the faculty with online access for e-books, scientific journals and other audio books in addition to the lending section of the books and journals. A separate referencing section with reading facilities is available.
Computer lab is equipped with the internet facilities, statistical packages and accounting packages for the specific course units to cater the need of students. Wi-fi internet facilities are installed around the faculty premises for the easy access of the students. 
A separate language lab is established to improve the English language of the students while other foreign language units of German, Chinese and Japanese for the students who follows the courses in Department of Tourism Management.

What are the additional services provided for the mental and physical improvement of the students?

Students are allocated for the specific mentor from the academic staffs to discuss and get the advices for the problem faced during university life. Academic staffs are well equipped with the mentoring process to improve and help students to focus on their career goals and targets providing necessary information and directions.  
Sperate panel of student counsellors are available to help the students to solve their issues in confidential manner and if any student need special attention for their problems, necessary guidance and directions will be provided to make success their academic and career success.  
All the welfare facilities are provided by the faculty in collaboration with the Welfare Department of the University. 
Students are facilitated to strengthen their physical health and to enhance the special skills on sports activities in connection with Physical Education Department. Students who are with prior achievements in sports activities will be given special attention to improve their skills and achievements further in university level. 
Furthermore, students will get an opportunity to engage in diverse range of activities with the support of academic staffs. During the academic programmes, workshops and seminars are organized to improve their soft skills and hard skills. 
Moreover, field visits and industry visits are organized in connection with the curriculum to expose students for global knowledge and practices. 

What is the procedure in absence for an exam due to a medical reason?

Students should submit the medical certificates with a request letter to Dean Office of the faculty issued by a medical practitioner confirming the illnesses by getting approval of the medical Centre of the university, within the 14 days from absence in an examination.

Is it compulsory to attend the lectures?

Yes, Students have to attend for each and every lecture session conducted by their respective department in each semester. To sit for the exam, students must fulfill the minimum requirement of 80% attendance for respective lecturers. Those who fail to fulfill this aforementioned requirement, will not be eligible to sit for the examination in ‘proper’ condition. After that students will get only the maximum of ‘C’ grade for the subject course units which have been disqualified due to required attendance in previous semesters.

What are the options available for deferment of the degree programme?

If a student required a deferment option for his or her degree programme, he or she can make a request to the faculty board of the Faculty, through head of the department under a valid reason. However, she or he has to complete the degree programme within eight (8) years since registration date for the degree programme in the University, though deferments were granted.