BSc. Honours in Banking & Insurance

Aims and Objectives

The BSc. Honours in Banking & Insurance Degree programme has been specially designed to equip the students with knowledge, talents, skills and attitudes to be effective and productive managers in the field of Banking and Insurance in local and global. Further, it attempts to create Banking & Insurance (special) graduates with both theoretical knowledge and practical applications. It also gives a sound background to the undergraduates, providing course units that fulfill the student, community and industry needs and demand. In addition, the students also develop important skills in the areas of Financial Econometrics, Business Communication and Information Technology.

Learning Outcomes:

The student completing the BSc. Honours in Banking & Insurance Degree is a graduate

  • who has an in-depth understanding and appreciation of management issues with a special attention on strategic and leadership orientation in Banking and Insurance organizations.
  • who is a specialist with a broad foundation in theory and practice of Banking and Insurance.
  • who is having good presentation and communication skills.
  • who is capable of building and maintaining sound interpersonal and professional relationships.
  • who has a sound skills and attitudes in general management and their applicability in the present day banking and insurance organizations.
  • who has the ability to conduct sound managerial analysis and research to comprehensively and effectively solve the real world issues and problems in Banking and Insurance Industry.
  • who is having a sound knowledge and skills in modern information technology and computer based applications in management in the field of banking & insurance.
  • who has an in-depth knowledge in ethical dimensions of decision making.

 The Department of Accountancy & Finance offers BSc. Honours in Banking & Insurance Degree