A Hike to Bakers Bend & BBQ Night

A Hike to Bakers Bend & BBQ Night

A Hike to Bakers Bend & BBQ Night” is a one-day-business organized by Year llӏ Semester ll students of BSc. (Hons) Tourism Management Degree Programme of Department of Tourism Management. This Programme was conducted under the supervision of the Senior Lecturer, Mrs. Buddhika Gayasrinie Dharmaratne who is the subject in charge of the subject of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.

The event was successfully conducted on 30th of June, 2018 achieving its Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) of developing business-related skills of the students, enhancing the knowledge on business idea generation in order to stimulate the entrepreneurial skills of students and enhancing the skills of organizing an event successfully while meeting the customer satisfaction.

42 Guests participated in this event which comprised of a hike to Bakers Bend followed by a BBQ and cocktail night along with a camp fire and a classical music programme at the “Highlanders Holiday Complex”. The tickets were sold to the target group through social media promotions and the event was successfully completed with the supervision of the lecturers and the commitment of the students.