Medical Centre

Aim of Service

Aim is to provide medical services to University.

Medical Services

Curative measures (Main service)

Preventive measures

Curative measures

Medial centre is opened from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. In all week days. It comprises all medicines and medical equipments that are necessary to treat for common illnesses. 

Preventive measures 

In prevention, of diseases health education programme are very important. Medical Reading material is provided to improve health education among the students.

Frequent Inspection of all canteens and Regular medical check up of people working in canteens are done to reduce the spread of food born diseases.


Dental Clinic - Conducted by Mobile Dental Unit – RDHS Ratnapura in every other months. 

Maternity & Child health clinic - conduct by MOH - Imbulpe In every month. 

Online medical information system


Medical officer : Dr.Haritha Baduraliya.(visiting)

Medical officer : Dr.W.M.A.S.Wijerathne.(on contract basis)

Public Health inspector : W.M.Wansapala.(on contract basis)

Nursing officer : Mrs.  Y.M.P.Yatiagalagama

Others : Mrs.A.M.I.Menike (Health attendant), R.R.P.W.M.I.D.Kumari (Health Service)