Market Viable Products


Commercialization of students’ and academics' innovations with market potential is at a low degree in Sabaragamuwa University due to several constraints. Annually the students and the academic staff are coming up with innovative products especially food-based products. But due to the lack of seed funding, they are unable to expose their products to the market. In order to respond to this emerging need University Business Linkage Cell has decided to liaise them with the industrial partners and thereby expose them to the potential market places in order to upgrade these inventions to a commercially viable product. UBLC, as a linking partner of university innovation activities with external parties, we have recognized few market potential products from the Faculty of Agricultural SciencesFaculty of Applied Sciences, and Faculty of Management Studies & we have dedicated to uplift them through the commercialization. 

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Fried Sprats with Kohila

Fried sprats with kohila is a product made from best natural ingredients including Sprats and Kohila and absolutely no preservatives to provide optimum nutrition and maximum taste. This product has been made as ready to eat products. It is a healthy lifestyle choice and could play a major role in eliminating protein malnutrition and supplying many health benefits. 







Coconut Chips

This is a ready-to-eat snack food such as other chips. It is made from creamy coconut flesh, which is a white lining inside the shell of a coconut. The unique characteristics of this product are not fried in oil, zero trans-fat, not included any artificial flavor, colors, or preservatives, products are 100% natural, healthy, tasty and crunchy snack for anyone who seeks health-conscious food. This is known as a good quality product with 4 different tastes such as salty, spicy with ground nuts, cheesy, and jaggery tastes. 







Organic Ginger Tea

Organic tea agriculture combines tradition, innovation, and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and good quality of life for all involved. Adding ginger into organic tea gives extra benefits to the tea. 






Potato Cookies

 Cookies are widely consumed because of longer shelf life and crispy taste. Consumers are demanding nutritious cookies that could be prepared by replacing wheat flour with other flour such as potatoes. Potato is one of the most popular major food items consumed throughout the world because of its high yield, relatively low cost of production, and adaptability to a wide variety of soil and climate types. Potatoes contain good quality edible grade protein, dietary fiber, several minerals essential vitamins, and little fat with tremendous health benefits.



Spicy Purple Yam Chips

 Manufacturing of crispy and spicy purple yam chips including mainly specific purple yams which is purple in color, slimy and also, can be found only in Sri Lanka. Purple yams are packed with anthocyanin, cyanidin, and peonidin. These flavonoids regulate metabolism and are anti-inflammatory these purple yam chips consumption is linked with longevity and reduced risk of CVD.







Jar Cakes

 Jar cake is a wonderful idea for a gift. It is consists of layered chocolate sponge with and buttercream. These cupcakes in a jar are the perfect idea for wedding favor, or just a nice take away for any guest to a party. Customers can present the cake in a jar as a birthday gift, or to celebrate any occasion. This product is unique on fresh ingredients and simple recipes and has been used only natural sweeteners and no preservatives as well.





Fruity Mojo

 Fruity Mojo is a brand that sells a line of dehydrated fruit products. This a kind of fruit ball that is made by using dehydrated natural fruits, peanuts, sugar, and desiccated coconut. All the Fruity Mojo products are made out of clean dehydrated fruits with high-quality ingredients. Fruity mojo is more health concerned and no preservatives, artificial colorings, or any kind of artificial chemicals are not added.



Semi-Finished Preserved Product from Cluster Fig

 This product is entirely based on cluster fig as an economic value addition to fig via developing a unique process of production. It has a unique taste and wishes to supply a semi-finished preserved product as the final output with a salty and sweet taste. This product focuses on the wider food industry, with a segment supplying to the healthy food market and, within this, a segment catering to the healthy, age-old food market, developing meals that are easily accessible to premium customers, delicious, and not harmful to health. 




Suwadel Rice Cookies

Suwadel rice cookies have a unique flavor than other cookies products. These cookies are a nutrient-rich product. Suwandel is a great source of food to control diabetes, ulcers, and constipation and moreover, it helps to reduce high blood pressure levels in the body. According to traditional medicinal activities, Suwandel is known to promote fair and glowing skin. As well as it includes peanuts to add value and unique flavor. Peanuts are a nutrient-rich source of protein, dietary fiber, and healthful fats. It can be support heart health, help a person maintain a healthy weight, helps a person manage their blood sugar level. 


Faculty of Applied Sciences

Value addition for nutmeg pericarp

Nutmeg pericarp is discarded as waste in nutmeg processing and it is still underutilized in Sri Lanka. The research team who invented this product showed that the nutmeg pericarp and essential oil of pericarp have successful inhibition effects on human pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella enteritica, Listeria monocytogenes, Shigelladysenteriae, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The ultimate outcome of this process produces a fermented beverage (wine) by creating the new path of income for nutmeg farmers and processors in Sri Lanka. 


Jackfruit Peel-Based Packaging Material


A 100% biodegradable natural packaging material made from an unutilized source (waste Jackfruit peel) which would be an ideal solution for the environmental burden created by single-use plastic bags. Biodegradability, flexibility and strength, texture, and easy handling capabilities are the attractive features of the product. 





Anti-Diabetic Wine Series








Infusions Incorporated with Traditional Herbs







Soup Mix Incorporated with Traditional Herbs and Grains








Real-Time Location-based Augmented Reality Platform

 The main objective of this product is to develop a Real-time location-based Augmented Reality platform to improve the marketing & sales aspects of businesses. The users can easily find the exact location of the shop though AR objects. This novel marketing concept engages more customers to industries and enhances the usability of AR applications among users though easy to access on their selling products. The users can use in native platforms(both android & IOS) and ready to access interactive virtual 3D objects with animation as a marketing material placed in front of shops. This platform introduces the smart city in which users can easily interact with specific shop objects can easily access by simple touch it ray casts objects and popup shop information, selling items, user intractable & site navigation. This the platform is a remedy for all three categories in which customers can access selling items as virtual objects, business owners can increase their profits using this marketing method & developers take a subscription for their services. 


Meet Analogue Food Product

Meat analog is a food product that approximates the aesthetic qualities and/or chemical characteristics of certain types of meat. These are made from non-animal protein and its appearance and smell are very much similar to meat. Meat analogs are one of the best suitable methods in which vegetable proteins and unconventional proteins can be introduced and the underlying impetus remains the utilization of a wider range of proteins for human food. 


Faculty of Management Studies

Self-Care Backpackers - Mobile Application

 The scope of this mobile application is to provide information about attractions, accommodation, transportation, health care with emergency treatments to the tourists who visit Sri Lanka as backpackers. Through this mobile app, the customer will be able to reach all the information about possible nearby attractions with the assistance of the google map, and thereby the map shows the major attractions nearby Ella and Haputale area which a backpacker attracts. Users are able to sort out their possible attractions by the destination that they are going to visit. The application is enriched with descriptive information of all attractions of selected destination and their users can find a comment section to post their experience of the selected attraction