Information for Students

Library Membership and Account

Students who have been registered as the internal students of the university have right to obtain membership of the library. Therefore, the library accounts for internal students are created as soon as the library received the list of students for new intake. However, the students have to visit the respective faculty library or the main library to make their accounts active. Active membership will be valid until the cancellation of studentship. All postgraduate and external students have to apply for library membership with a confirmation from the respective faculty.


Borrowing Books

The number of lending and reference materials allow students to borrow depends on the academic year for all students. Read this article for more information.


Find a Study Space

There are many places to study in the main library. Find out which places are right for you.

The main library includes a separate study space in the administration area of the library. This space can be used for individual studies and provides seating capacity for 32 readers. The area is limited for quiet studies, but readers can use the space for all opening hours of the library.

Periodicals section of  the library provides reading facility for 66 individuals. The area is limited for quiet studies. Electrical outlets are available inside the hall for study purposes. In addition, a pool of public computers are available for a limited number of users. The area is allowed to use within all opening hours of the library.

Lending area provides very limited seating capacity for quiet studies, but includes electrical outlets for user needs. The library readers are allowed to use this area within all opening hours of the library. 

The main library provides reading facility for 34 individuals in the reference section. Electrical outlets are available in the area for user needs. This area is restricted for quiet studies within all opening huors of the library. 

The main library includes a separate building as the reading hall. This building facilitates for 211 individuals. The space is equipped with 35 single study carrels in addition to 44 group study carrels. Group studies, conversations, and food are allowed in this area. Other facilities like electrical outlets are available for users. The reading hall is open round-the-clock, including public holidays.