Information for Staff

Library Membership and Account

Permanent and temporary staff members of the university have right to obtain membership of the library. However, the employees have to visit the main library or the respective faculty library to create and activate their library accounts. Moreover, the applicants have to submit a duly completed application form to the library with a confirmation from the head of the respective department. Please read this article for more information and to download the application form.


Borrowing Books

The number of lending and reference materials allow staff members to borrow depends on the category of the membership. Read this article for more information.


Purchase Suggestions

Permanent academic staff members of the university can request from the library to purchase new books and periodicals, if they are identified as useful resources for the university students. In general, the requests cover the subject area of the requester. However, all requests should be recommended by the head of the respective department and the dean of the respective faculty prior to get approval from the library committee. 

Download the requisition forms for books and periodicals.