Information for New Readers and Visitors


The university is situated about 15 kilometres from the Balangoda town along the Badulla- Colombo road. It is located on the Samanalawewa road, around 500 metres from the Pambahinna junction, situated 162 km from Colombo and 76 km from Badulla. The main library is located in the main premises of the university.


Distances from Other Cities

60 k.m. from Ratnapura

50 k.m. from Bandarawela


Contact Information (Main library)

Postal address: 

The Library

Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

P.O Box 02, 70140


Sri Lanka





Visits and Opening Hours

Prior approval can be obtained from the librarian for those who need to visit the library network of the Sabaragamuwa university. Please read this article for more information of the library opening hours. 


Library Tours and Orientation

Library orientation programs are held in each year with intake of new students. However, guided tours can be arranged for visitors upon requests made by them.


Building Structure of the Main Library