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‘sitharana’ Counseling Center

Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka  

It is undoubtedly clear that university community (both students and staff) are distressed with many emotional matters due to personal, educational, family, economic, social and many other related issues. Usually they tend to struggle with those matters individually or not often they to bear those mattes by sharing with their companions or with a faithful person unless they have a proper approach to express their psychological problems. Commonly those psychological issues settle their minds as unsolved psychological problems, which could be affected on their entire growth of the life. These types of situations could be highly affected to their expected educational and personal developments. Therefore, the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka has established ‘sitharana’ Psychological Counseling Center in order to assist students and staff to face the issues that are confronted in their daily life.This center offers students and staff a very friendly service which would ensure their maximum privacy.

How toget this service?

• Calling/meeting ‘sitharana’ counselors
• Calling/meeting ‘sitharana’ Coordinator of your Faculty

Your Responsibilities

• Make use of this service when you initially feel that you need such assistance
• Immediately directing your friend(s) whom you feel that need such assistance