Higher Education for the Twenty-first Century (HETC) - World Bank Assisted Project

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World Bank International Development Agent(IDA)  is funding the HECT project to enhance the capacity of the higher education system and to deliver quality higher education services in line with equitable, social and economical development needs of the country. Under this objective, Sri Lankan Universities can produce skilled, hard working and enterprising graduates to the world. The National Education Commission and the higher education community, prepared a higher education development frame work.

The Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka is receipient of this grant and has an Operational Technical Secretariat (OTS) for this project. This project has several components to carry out successfully:

  1. Developing a Sri Lanka qualification frame work and quality assurance and accrediation system for the higher Education in Sri Lanka
  2. Promoting the relevance and quality of facing and learning in all universities
  3. Strengthening the alternative higher education by developing theAdvanced Technological Institutes of the SLIATE
  4. Strengthening Human Resources of the higher education system
Download: Contract Awarding � 2012


  Project Director (HETC)  
Operational Technical Secretariat,  
Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
Belihuloya. Sri Lanka.
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