Message from the Dean

Faculty of social sciences & languages

It is with a new sense of adventure and anticipation that I welcome you to the Faulty of Social Sciences and Languages, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. We look forward to working with you in the Faculty as you discover new possibilities for your future. Entrance to a University as I strongly believe is a rite of passage and a powerful growth experience you will ever have.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Languages, one of the leading Faculties in the University system in Sri Lanka prepares students for professional careers, by providing them with a broad understanding of the humanistic tradition in combination with a sound knowledge of subjects in several disciplines. Our program emphasizes the ability to apply this knowledge in the contemporary world of work. We strive to develop students' capacity for independent and critical thought, logical analysis, effective communication and informed participation in teamwork. Therefore, the Bachelor of Arts program integrates classroom work and students' independent reading and writing with hands-on research and project works.

The whole teaching learning process of the Faculty provides students with an intellectual orientation that enables them to make connections across disciplines and to think creatively and coherently, as well as the disposition to develop initiative and imagination in a systematic fashion. We strive to produce a university graduate who is flexible, self-confident and innovative and is thus empower to meet the challenges of the future.

Best wishes for the future endeavors of you!

Dr. Manoj Ariyaratne

BA Hons Sri Lanka,MA, USJ, Sri Lanka,PhD, Pune, India
Phone: +94(0)45 2280021