English as a Second Language

This course is designed to enhance the different English language competencies of graduates. Most of the existing English Degree programs offering for the Bachelor of Arts Degrees have not specifically been designed to produce teachers of English since those programs have their own unique objectives. Consequently, ELT-related course units are not prioritized in such curriculum. However, the syllabi for ESL include practical as well as theoretical units. Hence, it will create skillful graduates who can cater to the requirements in the field in addition to the teaching of English. 

Year I Semester I
ESL 111 (3) Advanced Grammar and Reading

Year I Semester II
ESL 121 (3) Second Language Acquisition

Year II Semester I
ESL 211 (3) G+M Introduction to the Structure of English Language
ESL 212 (3) G The Use of Literature in ELT

Year II Semester II
ESL 221 (3) G+M Practicum in English Teaching
ESL 222 (3) G An Overview of Approaches and Practices in ELT

Year III Semester I
ESL 311 (3) G+M Classroom Practices in Sri Lanka
ESL 312 (3) G* Curriculum Development for ESP
ESL 313 (3) G* Pronunciation for English Language Teachers

Year III Semester II
ESL 321 (3) G+M Testing and Evaluation
ESL 322 (3) G* Research Methods in ELT
ESL 323 (3) G* Teaching Academic Writing
ESL 326 (3) G* Scientific Report Writing

G* required to follow by the students who offer ESL as the major subject in the General Degree only.


SLQF Level  
Credits Honors
Medium of Instruction Sinhala / Enflish
Duration 04 Year Special
03 Year General