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Module -01


Fundamentals of Java                                                                      (90 hours)


Introduction to Java

Contents, Context, The philosophy, Features, Applet & Applications, Java Application                                                                            

Statements, Keywords, Data Types, variables, Literals, Operators  

Looping structures

For loop, While loop and do while loop, Switch statements                                                                                                                                     


Array in Java, Defining arrays, Accessing arrays, Operations with arrays   

Matrices with arrays 

Sorting methods with arrays                                                                                      


Module -02                                        


Object Oriented Programming in Java                                          (120 hours)


Inheritance, Abstract Class, Polymorphism, Exceptions in Java, Constructors        

Interface Designing                                                                            

Drawing Graphics with AWT                                        

Java Applets

Introduction to HTML and Applet, Implementing the Applet, Compiling and Running an Applet

Paint () method, init() method, start(), stop(), destroy() 


Module -03


Introduction to Web Programming                                                (90 hours)


Input /Output in java                                      

Threads Threads methods, Introduction to Networking in Java

JSP/Server let

Database connectivity using MySQL/SQL

XML with Java



Module -04


Introduction to Android applications                                             (75 hours)

Emulator-Android Virtual Device

Basic UI design



Module 05     


Final Project                                                                                      (75 hours)