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The Higher Diploma in English aims at producing effective, proficient well-equipped teachers to both government and international schools that require teachers of English and teachers of other subjects in English medium. This will address the dearth of teachers in the government sector and the private educational institutes as well. Even though there are qualified teachers in the city areas they are reluctant to serve in rural areas in the country.   This programme will produce people from the rural areas to fulfill the requirements in these areas domestically so that the problem of hiring people from outside will not arise.  The teachers of English should possess a sound knowledge of the English language and English literature, methodology, educational psychology, modes of testing and evaluating language skills, handling language skills and basic classroom management skills.

It also aims at producing eligible, effective, proficient, well-equipped individuals in English to be employed in different office environments, where English is a deciding factor. Today, having a mere English knowledge alone does not address the needs of different professions; students also have to learn English incorporating other knowledge components such as IT skills, basic mathematics, basic statistics and the technical know-how to handle things effectively.  Thus, this course has been designed to produce efficient, employable, individuals with correct knowledge and attitudes to suit different spheres of the professional arena. The employees in office and managerial related fields require sound English knowledge along with basic knowledge in IT skills, statistics, interpersonal and communicative skills to be efficient employees.  Thus, this course also aims at equipping them with the above along with the required soft-skills.


Duration:                                           01 (one) year

No. of Semesters:                               02 (two)

No. of Credits:                                   31

No. of Study hours:                           465     

Part time/Fulltime                             Part time