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 The SUSL differs from traditional universities in many aspects. One such aspect is that the community has immediate access to it, to fulfill its educational needs. The university is situated in a remote area close to Belihuloya, Balangoda far away from Colombo.

It is common understanding that this area lacks facilities to learn correct English as there is not a single recognized educational institute in the area. In order to fill this vacuum and to make use of the available resource persons, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka offers a Certificate Course in English (CCE). This course aims at providing the school leavers English knowledge and abilities who desperately need a better command of the language for further studies and to find a suitable occupation in the ever increasing job market. Moreover, this course aims to help those who are employed to improve their English language proficiency to meet the professional demands of their careers.

In today’s world, the need of English language has been emphasized more than any other in the history, mainly due to the globalization as well as the effects of the improvement in the Information Technology which has made the world a global village.

It has been clearly identified that the students are very poor in speaking after following English language for more than ten years at the school level. This course has been designed and conducted to help the students to overcome speaking difficulties. Therefore, special attention is paid on to improve the speaking skill as it is the important and demanding but taken for granted skill in many English language courses in Sri Lanka. The final examination consists a listening test and an oral test. Each student is individually evaluated for their speaking ability in the oral test.


The course runs for six months. At the end of the six months, students will sit to the final examination. Classes are scheduled to be held in weekends only. There will be7 tuition hours a week.


  • To equip the students with the ability to read and understand simple texts of different styles dealing with different environments.
  • The course ensures the possession of writing skills in students required to meet their day-to-day academic and professional needs with a considerable degree of accuracy.
  • To teach the students basic language structures of English to be able to use all language skills accurately and appropriately with confidence.
  • The students are expected to have the ability to express themselves in any social, academic or professional events and situations confidently and effectively with a fair degree of accuracy.