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This is a one year diploma program with nine courses of study which particularly are relevant in the field of Social Development & Welfare. Subjects available are

DSDW 11         Introductory Sociology and Anthropology

DSDW 12         Elements of Psychology and Social Psychology

DSDW 13         Research Methods

DSDW 14         Sri Lankan Society

DSDW 21         Community and Social Development

DSDW 22         Development  and Rural Sociology

DSDW 23         Social Work

DSDW 24         Guidance and Counseling

DSDW 25         Independent Research Project


Objectives of the program

  •     The development of Human resources pertaining to the field of  Social Development and Welfare
  •     Familiarization with the sociological approaches to Social Development
  •     Play the role of a catalyst in the field of Social Development & Welfare



Medium Instruction

All subjects in the program can be offered in Sinhala



There will be examinations at the end of each semester. All students who complete the course work and successfully pass eight written papers plus the independent research project will be conferred a recognized diploma. Forty (40 %) will be the pass mark for each course of study. Referred subjects can be covered in the consecutive year, not exceeding three attempts for each subject. 80 % attendance will be compulsory.