Course Outline

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O Introduction to IT                                                          (15 Hours)

      IT usage in day today applications in SriLanka

     Web based communication                                   


O Fundamental of  Programming                                     (30 hours)

Introduction to Programming &

Programming Design Techniques using java,


O HTML/CSS and XML                                                  (30 hours)

HTML and CSS their application


O Image editing tools                                                      ( 15 hours)

Introduction to CS6 /Photoshop and Applications

O Video/ Audio editing tools                                         (15 hours)

Introduction to Adobe premier


O Web Design tools                                                      (30 hours)

Dreamweaver/Joomla and their Applications


O Group Project(Static)                                                (45 hours)


O Introduction to Computer Networks                        (15 hours)


O Ecommerce Technology                                           (15 hours)

Introduction to day today applications in 


O Fundamental of PHP Programming                        (30 hours)

Advanced PHP programming


O Funder mental of e-learning concepts                     (15 hours)

Usage in SriLanka and introduction


O Sever Configurations (WAMP, Moodle)                 (15 hours)

WAMP server and Moodle installation


O Database Connectivity (Access, MySQL)              (30 hours)

Funder mental in Ms Access and Mysql

Database connectivity PHP and Mysql


O Individual Project (Web based-Dynamic)               (60 hours)