Course Outline

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Intended Learning Outcomes

* To equip the students with the ability to read and understand simple texts of different styles dealing with different environments.

* To offer the learner wider opportunities to grasp different structures of language through extensive reading.

* To facilitate the learner with better reading skills in order to meet the demands of the language.


Intended Learning outcomes

* To ensure the possession of writing skills in students required to meet their day-to-day academic and professional needs with a considerable degree of accuracy.

* To lay a firm foundation in writing in English to make the followers confident in doing higher courses that require standard writing skills in English and other subjects confidently.

* To encourage students interested in creative writings to continue to do so and publish them in newspapers or magazines.

ES/CCE/03-Language Structure

Intended Learning outcomes

* To equip the students with basic language structures of English to be able to use all language skills accurately and appropriately with confidence.

* To enrich the knowledge of different language forms, functions and different language items to handle the language accurately.

* To promote the students to use language accurately and appropriately in different situations with confidence

ES/ CCE/ 04-Speech and listening

Intended Learning Outcomes

* To improve the ability to express themselves in any social, academic or professional events and situations confidently and effectively with a fair degree of accuracy

. * To enhance the confidence to use the language in any given situation overcoming the speaking difficulties.

* To develop the ability to listen and understand different speakers in various social contexts.