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DE/01/01-Language Structure


This course is designed to refresh and reinforce the knowledge of a variety of structures of English and further the complex structures needed to cope with any situation that demands advanced language.


At the end of the course the students will be: familiar with different word classes, basic sentence patterns and use all tenses effectively. able to use all structural components of English with a high degree of understanding.


DE/ 01/02-Advanced Reading- I -------- DE/ 02/ 02-Advanced Reading  II


Advanced reading has been designed to widen the students� ability to deal with any advanced texts of different genres, and extract information required for any purposes; of pleasure, academic and professional in particular.


The students will be able to: read and extract information from advanced texts through skimming and scanning, and answer any questions on the text correctly. read texts and get the gist. refer & infer meanings of any text skillfully using contextual, structural and morphological clues. enhance short term memory to transfer information. seek and gather information on their own from reference materials. understand, and distinguish among, the writers purposes, views, opinions, suggestions and different discourse.


DE/01/03- Advanced Writing I --------- DE/02/03- Advanced Writing II


Students should be able to produce substantially advanced, coherent and cohesive pieces of writing of different styles.


To enable students to, write simple and complex, descriptive, expository, narrative, analytical and persuasive texts and well-organized essays use simple, compound and complex sentences accurately with appropriate cohesive devices. possess good knowledge of expanding, paraphrasing and summarizing sentences, paragraphs and passages; and knowledge of editing different texts for redundancy. be able to express notions of cause and effect, comparison and contrast, definitions with minimum errors convey value judgment and critically comment on different discourse, and facilitate students� awareness of text organization, sequencing of information and providing logical argument


DE/01/04-Speech and Listening


Improve oral and aural skills to engage in different social, professional and academic domains effectively, appropriately and fluently with a higher degree of accuracy.


The students should be able to: engage in dialogues and conversations effectively, face interviews, participate in panel discussions, debates, and prepared and unprepared speeches effectively, speak with brevity and to the point, identify and understand discourse markers with signpost and rhetorical structures, perform eloquently and effectively in any context with confidence, use fillers, hedges, pauses, hesitation markers etc. in authentic contexts of communication, recognize speaker�s mood, attitude, literal and intended meanings, recognize signposts to identify the organizational structure of a speech, use correct pronunciation and familiarize with varieties of English, comprehend reciprocal and non- reciprocal listening, listen and recognize the implied meanings of texts.


DE/02/01-Introduction to Literature


Students are expected to read, enjoy and appropriately respond to different genres of English literature with a sound understanding of their characteristics. Further, it is expected that the discussions and understanding of the prescribed materials would lead to the improvement of students� language skills facilitating further reading and enjoyment of literary materials of their choice.


The students will be able to: read and respond to selected Sri Lankan and Western poems, understanding their characteristics, compare and contrast different poems, their themes, styles, techniques and poetic devices, read any prose closely, and study the theme, development of plot and characterization, deal with the selected Sri Lankan dramas for enjoyment and to develop aesthetic sense and understand plot ,theme, characterization and dramatic elements.


Poetry:- Selected poems of : John Donne , John Keats, Robert Frost, Patrick Fernando, Richard de Soyza

Short Stories : Mudaliyar�s Wife - Nirmali Hettiarachchi. Circle of Powder - Vijitha Fernando

Drama : Manniquin - Regi Siriwardena Alms Giving - Regi Siriwardena

Novels : Amulet - Punyakante Wijenayake


DE/02/04-Business communication


Business Communication deals with improving the oral communication skills of the students, exposing them to a variety of oral activities starting from a dialogue to a well structured formal speech while written communication deals with writing notes, different types of business letters, memos, minutes of meetings, agendas, advertisements, tender notices, circulars, reports, etc & interpreting graphical information in written forms and achieving competency in writing reports and the preparation of various business related documents. At the end of the course, the students are expected to perform the following activities with a higher degree of fluency, accuracy, organization and confidence.


� The student should have an awareness of the theory and practice of communication/ Business Communication, Communication process and network and elements of communication and the role played by listening in the process of oral communication.

� Preparation and delivering of presentations and public speeches.

� Engage in business meetings, telephone conversations and interviews effectively.

� The students should achieve written fluency in various spheres of writing.

� They should be able to write different types of formal/informal business letters, memos, agendas and minutes of meetings. Develop competency in simple report writing, preparation of newspaper advertisements, tender notices, commercial advertisements, etc. correctly and accurately.