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Those who have passed G.C.E.A/L with “S” pass for any three (03) subjects or professional/other academic qualifications mentioned in the section 13.1 and 13.2 of the Hand Book of the BA General (External) Degree Program.

Course fee

    Registration fee

     Application and relevant documents         - 500.00 Rs
     Registration fee for three years              - 2600.00 Rs
     Annual renewal fee of the registration      - 200.00 Rs

    Examination fee

     1st year examination                                  -600.00 Rs
     2nd year examination                                - 750.00 Rs
     3rd year Examination                                  -750.00 Rs

   Examination fee for repeat subjects

     Per repeat paper                                        - 250.00 Rs

   Fee for certificates

    Detailed degree certificate (Transcript)         - 50.00 Rs
    Degree certificate                                        - 250.00 Rs
    Confidential report/certificates issued for 
    institutional requirements                             -150.00 Rs

  Course /Seminar fee

   1st year                                                      - 7000.00 Rs
   2nd year                                                     - 8000.00 Rs
   3rd year                                                      - 9000.00 Rs

The candidates are allowed to pay the course /seminar fee in two installments. The first has to be paid at the registration, and the second before the examination of the relevant year.


Course Coordinator


  Mr. N.V. Bresil 


E-mail :

Phone: 045-2280017,  0714453455


 Course Secretary

Mrs. J.M.G.Manike