To become the Center of excellence for Indigenous and Community based knowledge gained though research based higher education.


The Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Community Studies (CIKCS) zealously engage in discovering new knowledge utilizing indigenous and existing ancestral knowledge in order to usher and innovative new era for the nation and the entire global society by empowering its scholars intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially at the CIKCS and its community through a viable research-based education to provide skilled intellects who will vehemently make the world a better place for all mankind while achieving sustainable community development.


The post-graduate programmes of the centre are designed to promote advanced training and research in indigenous studies. The main objective of the programme is to continuously produce professional researchers that are well equipped with theoretical and applied aspects of indigenous studies to contribute to the world of indigenous knowledge. In particular, the aims of the post-graduate programme of indigenous studies are to achieve the following:

  • Introducing to all major areas of indigenous studies to students
  • Making the student aware of the current issues of indigenous communities of the world with special reference to Sri Lanka.
  • Equipping the student with an advanced and comprehensive knowledge in the relevant subjects with a view to applying them in the analysis of indigenous problems.
  • Improving the research potential of the student to undertake and carry out any research project in indigenous studies.
  • Enhancing the student's analytical mind to analyze the problems of indigenous communities and indigenous subjects.
  • Improving the scholarly writing skill of the student to submit impressive reports and research in the fields of indigenous studies.
  • Training students who are able to apply their knowledge for the advancement of mankind and the society, especially indigenous communities