Undergraduate Research

Department of Computing and Information Systems
Student Name   Index No.       Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor
Abeysiriwardana W.G.D.C EP2026 Impact of Information Systems Strategy in achieving Business Success: A Case of Sri Lanka Dr.L.S. Lekamge
Abishanth N. EP2027 An Ontological Approach for Dam Construction Decision Making and Knowledge Dissemination Dr.S.Vasanthapriyan
Awishka W.A.P. EP2028 A Novel Chatbot Architecture for the Sinhala Language Mr. K.Banujan
Bandara M.P.M. EP2029 Computer based crime analysis and prognostication system using Machine Learning. Mr. K.Banujan
Bandaranayake K.M.S.U EP2030 Dynamic workflow scheduling architecture for cloud-based Big data analytics Dr.B.T.G.S.Kumara
Batuwanthudawa B.I EP2031 Real-Time Location Based Augmented Reality Platform for Smart City Dr. K.P.N.Jayasena
Buddika J.G EP2032 Fog computing and IoT based prediction system for HealthCare using deep learning methods Dr. K.P.N Jayasena
Chandrasekara W.A.C.J.K EP2033 A Real-Time Density-Based Traffic Signal Control System Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Chandrasena K.S.N EP2034 Tea price forecasting by Identify the affecting factors using data mining techniques. Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardhana
Dhananjaya H.M.T EP2035 Data Mining Methods for Traffic Accident Severity Prediction for highway transportation system: A Case study from Southern Highway system, Sri Lanka. Dr. R.M.K.T.Rathnayaka
Dias J.B.A EP2036 Design a Novel Method to The Field of Cyber-Security to Identify the Intrusions Based on Attacks MR. R.L Dangalla
Diluxan V. EP2037 Road Sign Identification and Implementation of Deep Learning, Using Image Processing. Dr. B.T.G.S Kumara
Donesh S. EP2038 Plant recognition system based on leaf image Dr.U.A.Piumi Ishanka
Gamage A.M EP2039 Ontology Based Recommender system for selecting potential industrial training organizations based on Job descriptions Dr. B.T.G.S Kumara
Gimhana N.T EP2040 Product Rating Based on Sentimental Analysis using Machine Learning Approaches. Dr. R.M.K.T Rathnayake
Gunarathna T.M EP2041 Assessing mental health and behavioral problems of university students in Sri Lanka using smartphone sensors. Dr.K.P.N. Jayasena
Gunawardhana T.M EP2042 Real time uber data analytics for Identifying popular uber locations with OpenStack in Kubernetes environment Dr.K.P.N. Jayasena
Jayawardana H.P.T.M EP2043 Design and implementation of a novel hybrid encryption method using AES and ECC to enhance the RFID data security Mr R.L. Dangalle
Kisanthuja S. EP2044 Yield predication of paddy in srilanka by using weather data. Dr.U.A.Piumi Ishanka
Koralegedara K. EP2045 Multi-Objective Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Sensor Node Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr.K.P.N.Jayasena
Lasanatha W.A.S EP2046 Application of travelling tourist problem for the enhancement of finding popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Dr. R.M.K.T Rathnayaka
Malawana M.V.D.H.P EP2047 A Sentiment Analysis of Social Media data within Big data Distributed Environment for Stock prediction – A case study for CSE Dr. R.M.K.T Rathnayaka


Mauran K. EP2048 Comparing algorithms and predicting Exchange Rate using Artificial Neural Network Dr.S.Vasanthapriyan
Nadeeshan M.B EP2049 An expert system for medical emergency management using ontology Dr.S.Vasanthapriyan
Paviththiran P. EP2050 Sensor based effective irrigation process of coconut farms Dr. B.T.G.S Kumara
Perera H.H.C EP2051 Effect of wireless elephant tracking and fence breakage detection for Human Elephant Conflict Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardhana
Priyantha B.A.C.U EP2052 Machine Learning Approach and Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data of Covid-19 Virus Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Rafees K. EP2053 Implementation of Alert Algorithm to Prevent Cyber-attacks and Minimize the Damage in Computer Networks Dr. R. L. Dangalle
Rawishka E.M.C EP2054 Performance analysis of IoT based smart metering system with different blockchain platforms Dr.K.P.N.Jayasena
Rodrigo N.P.W.D.U.N EP2055 Designing and implementation of a novel web topology for lan communication Mr.R.L. Dangalla
Ruwantha W.M.D.R EP2056 Predicting the success of movies utilizing movie metadata and Social media content Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Samarasinghe R.M.D.A.P EP2057 Underground utility locate and analysis for selecting the optimal construction sites and visualizing with Augmented Reality Dr. R.M.K.T Rathnayaka
Sandagiri S.P.C.W EP2058 Social media and Online News Analytics for Identifying Crime Patterns in Crime Prediction Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Sandaruwan A.W.I EP2059 Automatic Fish Species Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Dr. R.M.K.T Rathnayaka
Sathrajan T. EP2060 Emotion based Music Recommendation System Dr. U.A. Piumi Ishanka
Sitparan G. EP2061 Hate speech recognition in tweets Dr.U.A.Piumi Ishanka


Sivendran G. EP2062 Personalized Context Aware Tourism Recommendation System Using Social Media Data Dr.U.A.Piumi Ishanka
Thaajwer M.A.A EP2063 Melanoma Skin Cancer Detection Using Image Processing Techniques Dr.U.A. Piumi Ishanka
Tharisooddan K. EP2064 Expert System for Eye Diseases by Using The Ontological Driven Approach Dr.S.Vasanthapriyan
Wanninayaka W.M.R.K EP2065 Crop monitoring and Recommendation system using machine learning approach Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Weerasekara D.N.M. EP2066 Design a movements recognition method for the forearm using Electromyography (EMG) signals with time frequency domain. MR. R. L. Dangalla
Weerasinghe L.R.N.M.A.M EP2067 Improving Web Service Recommendation using Clustering and Model-based Methods Dr. R.A.H.M Rupasingha
Weerasinghe R.G.P.L.M EP2068 The Impact of E-WOM (Electronic Word of Mouth) On Tourists’ Behavioral Intention to Destination Selection: A Case in Sri Lankan Local Tourists Mr. G.A.C.A. Herath
Wijesinghe G.W.R.I EP2069 ANN based new hybrid approach for stock Market forecasting for long term and short term manner; A Case study from CSE Dr. R.M.K.T.Rathnayaka
Amarasinghe S.D. EP2070 Development of BI framework for SMEs in developing countries
Dr. R.M.K.T.Rathnayaka
Arthika S. EP2071 Text Mining Approaches for Social Media Censoring: A Global Perspective Dr. L.S.Lekamge
Dharmakeerthi U.G.N. EP2072 Analyzing the pattern of winning One Day International cricket matches for selecting the suitable players for the team. Dr.B.T.G.S.Kumara
Erangika J.A.N. EP2073 An empirical study on effort estimation in agile software development in Sri Lanka Mr. G.A.C.A. Herath
Gunarathna M.M. EP2074 A Novel Deep Learning Approach for Detection of Plant Diseases based on Image Leaf Dr.R.M.K.T Rathnayaka
Gunarathna S.S.M EP2075 A System to Reduce Fabric Cut Waste by Improving Cut Order Planning Process Dr.R.M.K.T Rathnayaka
Herath H.M.L.G EP2076 Domain based similarity calculation method for calculating document similarity Dr.B.T.G.S.Kumara
Hettiarachchi H.B.N. EP2077 Tal and Laya Recognition of North Indian Classical Music: A Data Mining Approach Dr. L.S. Lekamge
Illankoon I.M.G.L. EP2078 Analyzing price variation patterns and factors that impact on vegetable price fluctuation in Sri Lanka Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Jayaweera S.N. EP2079 Sharing Economy Business Models: A Case of Accommodation Sector in Sri Lanka
Dr. L.S. Lekamge
Kaushalya P.K.D.K. EP2080 An Affective Engineering Approach for Enhanced User Interface Designing: A Case of Sri Lankan Higher Educational Institutional Web Sites Dr. L.S.Lekamge
Madhunamali P.M.N.R. EP2081 Blockchain and IoT based Dairy supply chain management system for Sri Lanka Dr. K.P.N. Jayasena
Manathrirathna M.A.L. EP2082 Social Media Sentiment Analysis for Consumer Profile Development
Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Nandapala E.Y.L. EP2083 Micro-segmentation based machine learning approach for health insurance claims data Dr. K.P.N Jayasena
Pannala P.A.M.L EP2084 ICT Integration in Agriculture: A Case of Sri Lanka Dr. L. S. Lekamge
Premarathna K.S.P. EP2085 Image detection system for elephant directions along the forest border areas. Dr. R.M.K.T Rathnayaka
Premisha P. EP2086 A Novel Data Mining Approach for Future Research Ideas using Past Researches in Wildlife Sri Lanka Dr.B.T.G.S.Kumara
Rathnasiri G.R.K. EP2087 Artificial Neural Network based on novel methodology for Noise cancellation in Speech recognition Dr. R.M.K.T Rathnayaka
Rathnayake M.K.I.E EP2088 Machine learning and image processing based approach for identifying diseases of coffee leaves Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Senevirathna M.M.K.R.I.E EP2089 A Mix Model Approach for Identifying Occupational Stress among the Information Technology Employee: A Case Study Dr. R.M.K.T.Rathnayake
Sivakumar N. EP2090 Pest Detection Using Crop Leaf Imaging Dr.B.T.G.S.Kumara
Thenuka Y. EP2091 Ontology Based Decision Support System for Subfertility of Female
Dr. S.Vasanthapriyan
Uthpala H.T EP2092 Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy with Convolutional Neural Network
Dr. R.M.K.T Rathnayaka
Weerasinghe I.D.T.T. EP2093 Multimedia Big Data Platform with a Deep Learning Approach for Flood Emergency Management in Sri Lanka Dr.K.P.N.Jayasena
Suntharanadarajan P. EP2169 Efficient framework for online banking in private cloud using encryption technique Dr.K.P.N.Jayasena
Department of Sport Sciences and Physical Education
Student Name Index No. Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor