Undergraduate Research

Department of Computing and Information Systems
Student Name   Index No.       Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor
Rupasena J.B.O.L EP 1541 Automated Electricity Meter Reading using Image Processing

Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara

Wijerathne G.K.T.M.

EP 1557 Engaging with Recommendation Systems to Digitalize Libraries in Sri Lanka Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Jayawardana S.S.U EP 1804 Web-based Drought Monitoring System Mr. R.L.Dangalla
Amarasena P.T. EP 1805 Predict Suitable Sport for Beginners using Data Mining  Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Basnayaka B.M.B.D.B. EP 1806 Cloud Encryption Algorithm Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Balasooriya B.M.S.D. EP 1807 A Novel Data Mining Approach for Analyzing Thalassemia Patients Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardena
Ariyadasa K.H.N.N. EP 1809 Indicate Taekwondo Poomse using Image Processing Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Basnayaka B.M.S.D. EP 1810 Real Time Drug Abuse Detection in Social Media with Big Data and Cloud Computing Integration Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Charles J. EP 1811 A Machine Learning Approach for Emotion Classification of Sri Lankan Folk Melodies Dr. L.S. Lekamge
Darashana A.H.D EP 1812 Sentiment Analysis on Consumer Reviews: Fast Growing Sectors Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Dhananjaya A.L. EP 1813 Web Real Time Communication Security Consideration with MITM Attacks Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardena
Dharmadasa K.N.N. EP 1814 Ontology-based Similarity Calculation Method for Clustering Emails Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Gedara R.G.N.C.B.R. EP 1815 Smart Farming : Measuring Soil Condition and Selecting Best Crops using IoT Sensors Mr. R.L.Dangalla
Hamees M.J.M. EP 1816 Service Value Chain in Higher Education Sector Ms. Samadara Dhanapala
Hasalaka M.D.D. EP 1817 Software Defined Network Solution for Private Cloud Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Herath Ranaweera V.I.J EP 1818 Ontology-based Book Classification System Ms Samadara Dhanapala
Hewawasam H.G.N.N. EP 1819 Identifying Customer Buying Patterns to Improve Business
Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Janotheepan M. EP 1820 The Rise of Deep Learning in Sinhala Handwritten Character Recognition Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Jayasundara J.M.C.P.B. EP 1821 Business Model for Novel Game Industry Ms. Samadara Dhanapala/Dr. U.A.P. Ishanka
Kirushanth T. EP 1822 POS Tagger for Tamil Language Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardena
Lakshitha K.G.S. EP 1823 Application of the Business Intelligence in the Book Industry: A Case Study of a Local Book Fair in Sri Lanka Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Lakshitha W.G.S. EP 1824 Find New Unsupervised Algorithm for Freelancer Employee Ranking Mr. R.L. Dangalla
Prabhagya M.W.C EP 1825 A Novel Model for Library Book Recommendation Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Prasanth S. EP 1826 A Novel Hybrid Data Mining Approach for Customer Churn Prediction using Big Data Analytics Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Premathilaka K.Y.T. EP 1827 Measuring the Content Similarity of the Exam Papers Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Priyabhashana H.M.B. EP 1828 Data Analytics in Fog Computing using Tensorflow and Kubernetes Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Rajakaruna R.P.S.P. EP 1829 A Method to enhance Border Gateway Routing Protocol to Network Communication Mr. R.L. Dangalla
Ranatunga R.A.H.G. EP 1830 Detection of Addiction to Alcohol using Smartphone’s Sensory Data Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardena
Sabnas S.H.M.M. EP 1831 Improve Bio-inspired Algorithm for Localization in Wireless Sensor Network Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Silva K.V.C. EP 1832 Smart Transpotation System in Smart City Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Silva M.D.L. EP 1833 Vision-based Automated Guided Vehicle Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Sujah A.M.A. EP 1834 Mining Profitability of Telecommunication Customers and Customer Segmentation with Novel Data Mining Approach Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Thamel W.K.A. EP 1835 Automated Anti-Spam Generating Mail Server Mr. R.L. Dangalla
Thayalaruban K. EP 1836 A Novel Method of System Authentication through Face Recognition Mr. R.L. Dangalla
Thisarasinghe B.S. EP 1837 Energy Efficient Resource Management in Fog Computing Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Vidumini M.H.L. EP 1838 Fruit Disease Detection using Image Processing Techniques Ms. Samadara Dhanapala
Weerakoon W.M.N.B. EP 1839 Usability Testing and Interaction Design - Patient Management System in OPDs Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Wijesena P.A.S.K. EP 1840 Computerized System for Suspect Identification by Fingerprints Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardena
Alahakoon A.M.S.M. EP 1842 Counting Footfall of a Supermarket using Face Recognition and Deep Learning using CCTV Camera Video Feedback Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Ariyathilake P.B.S.N. EP 1843 A Novel Hybrid Data Mining Mechanism for Road Accident Analysis Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Chandrasena E.H.P. EP 1844 Knowledge Management in Globally Distributed Agile Projects Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Dissanayaka D.M.A.M. EP 1845 Behavioral Analysis of Crimes using Data Mining Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Dissanayaka D.M.S.H. EP 1846 Open Challenges on Building a Sustainable Smart City in Sri Lanka: Solid Waste Management in Colombo Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Gunawardhana H.P.S.W. EP 1847 Flood Prediction  System for Kelani River Mr.R.L. Dangalla
Hettiarachchi C.P. EP 1848 Investigating the Scope of Agile Project Management to be adapted by the Software Companies in Sri Lanka Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Hettikankanama H.K.S.K. EP 1849 Integrating Smart Transportation System for a Smart City in Sri Lanka Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Jayasinghe D.N.S. EP 1850 A Music Database for Emotion Research and An Interactive Platform for Music-Emotion Annotation Dr. L.S. Lekamge
Kumari U.H.R. EP 1851 Water Distribution Management System for Smart Cities Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Lakmali M.B.R. EP 1852 Business Intelligence and Knowledge Sharing: An Emperical Investigation in Sri Lankan Software Companies Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Madawala C.N. EP 1853 Data Mining Approach for Landslide Prediction using Support Vector Machine for Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Madushika U.A.K. EP 1854 The Effectiveness of Scrum And Kanban Methods in Agile-based Software Development Projects: A Case Study in Sri Lanka Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Makilini R. EP 1855 Sentiment Analysis for Consumer Review on Product Sales Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Mathangi B. EP 1856 Analysis of Heart Diseases using Data Mining Techniques Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Navakanthan K. EP 1857 Implementation of Novel Data Mining Techniques for Analyzing Weather and Sales Predict Customer Demands Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Randima M.V. EP 1858 Design IoT-based Smart Electrical Power Saving University: A Case  of Faculty of Applied Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Sama A.M.A EP 1859 A Data Mining Approach for Customer Retention in Insurance Industry in Sri lanka Dr.R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Sandeepani W.N. EP 1860 IoT-based Solution with a Smart Device for Water Quality Monitoring including Heavy Metal Detection in Natural Water Sources Mr.R.L. Dangalla
Sewwandi K.I. EP 1861 Understanding Architectural Knowledge Sharing in Agile Software Development Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Umayangani A.M.I. EP 1862 Rain Water Harvesting System Design for Water Efficiency and Management using Internet of Things (IoT) Mr. R.L.Dangalla
Department of Food Science and Technology
Student Name Index No. Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor
Department of Natural Resources
Student Name Index No. Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor
Mr. M.T.M. Anuradha EP 1431 The Origin and the Failure Mechanisms of Niyendigala landslide, Belihuloya.

Dr. L.V. Ranaweera
Dr. E.P.N. Udayakumara

Mr. B.A.H.T. Bogoda

EP 1432 Design and fabrication of a wet scrubber system to purify syngas from industrial level paddy husk pyrolyser Prof. Sunethra K. Gunatilake


Department of Physical Sciences and Technologies
Student Name Index No. Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor
W.M.H.G.T.C.K. Weerakoon EP 1801 Hybrid Data Mining Model for Customer Trend Analysis in Small Medium Enterprises Dr .R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Department of Sport Sciences and Physical Education
Student Name Index No. Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor