Undergraduate Research

Department of Computing and Information Systems
Student Name   Index No.       Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor
Rupasena J.B.O.L EP 1541 Automated Electricity Meter Reading using Image Processing

Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara

Wijerathne G.K.T.M.

EP 1557 Engaging with Recommendation Systems to Digitalize Libraries in Sri Lanka Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Jayawardana S.S.U EP 1804 Web-based Drought Monitoring System Mr. R.L.Dangalla
Amarasena P.T. EP 1805 Predict Suitable Sport for Beginners using Data Mining  Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Basnayaka B.M.B.D.B. EP 1806 Cloud Encryption Algorithm Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Balasooriya B.M.S.D. EP 1807 A Novel Data Mining Approach for Analyzing Thalassemia Patients Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardena
Ariyadasa K.H.N.N. EP 1809 Indicate Taekwondo Poomse using Image Processing Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Basnayaka B.M.S.D. EP 1810 Real Time Drug Abuse Detection in Social Media with Big Data and Cloud Computing Integration Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Charles J. EP 1811 A Machine Learning Approach for Emotion Classification of Sri Lankan Folk Melodies Dr. L.S. Lekamge
Darashana A.H.D EP 1812 Sentiment Analysis on Consumer Reviews: Fast Growing Sectors Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Dhananjaya A.L. EP 1813 Web Real Time Communication Security Consideration with MITM Attacks Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardena
Dharmadasa K.N.N. EP 1814 Ontology-based Similarity Calculation Method for Clustering Emails Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Gedara R.G.N.C.B.R. EP 1815 Smart Farming : Measuring Soil Condition and Selecting Best Crops using IoT Sensors Mr. R.L.Dangalla
Hamees M.J.M. EP 1816 Service Value Chain in Higher Education Sector Ms. Samadara Dhanapala
Hasalaka M.D.D. EP 1817 Software Defined Network Solution for Private Cloud Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Herath Ranaweera V.I.J EP 1818 Ontology-based Book Classification System Ms Samadara Dhanapala
Hewawasam H.G.N.N. EP 1819 Identifying Customer Buying Patterns to Improve Business
Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Janotheepan M. EP 1820 The Rise of Deep Learning in Sinhala Handwritten Character Recognition Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Jayasundara J.M.C.P.B. EP 1821 Business Model for Novel Game Industry Ms. Samadara Dhanapala/Dr. U.A.P. Ishanka
Kirushanth T. EP 1822 POS Tagger for Tamil Language Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardena
Lakshitha K.G.S. EP 1823 Application of the Business Intelligence in the Book Industry: A Case Study of a Local Book Fair in Sri Lanka Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Lakshitha W.G.S. EP 1824 Find New Unsupervised Algorithm for Freelancer Employee Ranking Mr. R.L. Dangalla
Prabhagya M.W.C EP 1825 A Novel Model for Library Book Recommendation Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Prasanth S. EP 1826 A Novel Hybrid Data Mining Approach for Customer Churn Prediction using Big Data Analytics Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Premathilaka K.Y.T. EP 1827 Measuring the Content Similarity of the Exam Papers Dr. B.T.G.S. Kumara
Priyabhashana H.M.B. EP 1828 Data Analytics in Fog Computing using Tensorflow and Kubernetes Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Rajakaruna R.P.S.P. EP 1829 A Method to enhance Border Gateway Routing Protocol to Network Communication Mr. R.L. Dangalla
Ranatunga R.A.H.G. EP 1830 Detection of Addiction to Alcohol using Smartphone’s Sensory Data Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardena
Sabnas S.H.M.M. EP 1831 Improve Bio-inspired Algorithm for Localization in Wireless Sensor Network Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Silva K.V.C. EP 1832 Smart Transpotation System in Smart City Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Silva M.D.L. EP 1833 Vision-based Automated Guided Vehicle Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Sujah A.M.A. EP 1834 Mining Profitability of Telecommunication Customers and Customer Segmentation with Novel Data Mining Approach Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Thamel W.K.A. EP 1835 Automated Anti-Spam Generating Mail Server Mr. R.L. Dangalla
Thayalaruban K. EP 1836 A Novel Method of System Authentication through Face Recognition Mr. R.L. Dangalla
Thisarasinghe B.S. EP 1837 Energy Efficient Resource Management in Fog Computing Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Vidumini M.H.L. EP 1838 Fruit Disease Detection using Image Processing Techniques Ms. Samadara Dhanapala
Weerakoon W.M.N.B. EP 1839 Usability Testing and Interaction Design - Patient Management System in OPDs Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Wijesena P.A.S.K. EP 1840 Computerized System for Suspect Identification by Fingerprints Mr. H.M.K.T. Gunawardena
Alahakoon A.M.S.M. EP 1842 Counting Footfall of a Supermarket using Face Recognition and Deep Learning using CCTV Camera Video Feedback Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Ariyathilake P.B.S.N. EP 1843 A Novel Hybrid Data Mining Mechanism for Road Accident Analysis Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Chandrasena E.H.P. EP 1844 Knowledge Management in Globally Distributed Agile Projects Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Dissanayaka D.M.A.M. EP 1845 Behavioral Analysis of Crimes using Data Mining Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Dissanayaka D.M.S.H. EP 1846 Open Challenges on Building a Sustainable Smart City in Sri Lanka: Solid Waste Management in Colombo Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Gunawardhana H.P.S.W. EP 1847 Flood Prediction  System for Kelani River Mr.R.L. Dangalla
Hettiarachchi C.P. EP 1848 Investigating the Scope of Agile Project Management to be adapted by the Software Companies in Sri Lanka Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Hettikankanama H.K.S.K. EP 1849 Integrating Smart Transportation System for a Smart City in Sri Lanka Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Jayasinghe D.N.S. EP 1850 A Music Database for Emotion Research and An Interactive Platform for Music-Emotion Annotation Dr. L.S. Lekamge
Kumari U.H.R. EP 1851 Water Distribution Management System for Smart Cities Dr. Pubudu Jayasena
Lakmali M.B.R. EP 1852 Business Intelligence and Knowledge Sharing: An Emperical Investigation in Sri Lankan Software Companies Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Madawala C.N. EP 1853 Data Mining Approach for Landslide Prediction using Support Vector Machine for Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka Dr. B.T.G.S.Kumara
Madushika U.A.K. EP 1854 The Effectiveness of Scrum And Kanban Methods in Agile-based Software Development Projects: A Case Study in Sri Lanka Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Makilini R. EP 1855 Sentiment Analysis for Consumer Review on Product Sales Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Mathangi B. EP 1856 Analysis of Heart Diseases using Data Mining Techniques Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Navakanthan K. EP 1857 Implementation of Novel Data Mining Techniques for Analyzing Weather and Sales Predict Customer Demands Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Randima M.V. EP 1858 Design IoT-based Smart Electrical Power Saving University: A Case  of Faculty of Applied Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Sama A.M.A EP 1859 A Data Mining Approach for Customer Retention in Insurance Industry in Sri lanka Dr.R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Sandeepani W.N. EP 1860 IoT-based Solution with a Smart Device for Water Quality Monitoring including Heavy Metal Detection in Natural Water Sources Mr.R.L. Dangalla
Sewwandi K.I. EP 1861 Understanding Architectural Knowledge Sharing in Agile Software Development Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan
Umayangani A.M.I. EP 1862 Rain Water Harvesting System Design for Water Efficiency and Management using Internet of Things (IoT) Mr. R.L.Dangalla
Department of Food Science and Technology
Student Name Index No. Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor
A.W.M. Anas EP1693

Effects of common packing materials and storage conditions on the keeping quality and physicochemical properties of Brown sugar

Dr. TC Kananke
N.S.T.A.C. Chathuranga EP 1694

Analysis of dairy waste and propose suggestions to improve the dairy waste treatment plant in Highland Spray Dried Milk Factory.

Mrs. JWA Sajiwanie
R.M.S.  Geethanjana EP1695 Feasibility study to find the possibilities of using Sri Lankan Cocoa in chocolate Manufacturing

Mr. ALCJ Liyange

P.G.G.Sachith EP 1696 Experimental evaluation of preservatives used in dairy desserts and Determination of physiochemical changes and shelf life. Prof. RMUSK Rathnayake
P.Tharshan EP 1697 Monitoring  the changes in physicochemical,microbial and sensory parameters of packet wheat flour during storage period Dr. WSM Senevirathne
S. Thavineethar EP 1698 Root causes of microbial contamination in instant tea powder and tea aroma. Prof. RMUSK Rathnayake
E.D.M.M.K.Wickramasinghe EP 1699 Formulation and development of turmeric (Curcuma longa) ready to serve drink sweetened by honey Mrs. JWA Sajeewanie
G. B. I. A. Wickramasooriya EP 1700

Formulation of natural stabilizer for water ice using Dawul Kurundu(Neolitsea involucrate/Neolitsea cassia/

Cinnamomum cassia )

Dr. TC Kananke
A.T.M.Chandrasiri EP 1701 Development of an applied method for sensory evaluation of chili germ plasms’s pungency by determining the correlations of prevailing pungency evaluation techniques Dr. TC Kananke

H. A. S. U. Hettiarachchi

EP 1702

Comprehensive characterization of polymer structure and properties of kappaphycus alvarezii seaweed based bioplastic film and the development of improved composite using nanoparticles

Mr. ALCJ Liyange

R.S.S.T. Jayarathne EP1703 In vitro starch digestibility and In vivo glycemic index study on two different newly improved commercial rice varieties.

Mrs. KM Somawathie

L.K.T.S Jayasekara EP 1704

Study on antifungal effect on cinnamon essential oil against Fussarium, Penicillium digitatum and Aspergillus niger

Mrs. AYL Fernando
S.O. Jayasekare EP 1705 Investigation of suitability of cultured and ready to eat Ulva reticulata Mrs. AYL Fernando


EP 1706 Identification of shelf life of tomato with the application of commercial grade and natural wax treatment. Dr. WSM Senevirathne
R.S.K.Lakshani EP 1707 Market research on consumer perception of different meat products among three competitive meat item producers and identifying core sources for pluses and minuses of an identified brand and implementing solutions for major impacts 

Miss. DACK Dalukdeniya

J.H.S.Madumali EP 1708 EEG(Electroencephalogram) based fatigue detection of sensory panel in sensory evaluation and training a model with using machine learning

Mr. ALCJ Liyange

B.N.A. Marasinghe EP 1709 Effect of gamma irradiation on microbial, physical and chemical parameters of post-harvest Penaeus monodon F.

Dr. WSM Senevirathne

P.W.P.Nisansala EP 1710 Formulation and development of cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) ready to serve drink Mrs. JWA Sajeewanie
M.M. Noora Sasniya EP 1711 Determination of the crucial role of proper baking processing in the biscuit manufacturing on the quality of biscuits Miss. DACK Dalukdeniya
D.M.N. Priyani EP 1712 Development of Moringa (Moringa oleifera) incorporated instant noodles pack Mrs. KM Somawathie


EP 1713

Screening of the production of ethanol and statins by Moascus spp. During fermentation of Arishta

Prof. RMUSK Rathnayake
B.U. Ranatunga EP 1714 Development and Formulation of cookie incorporated with cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)  oleoresin Mrs. AYL Fernando
N. Rubini EP 1715

Development of cookies partially substituted with coconut (Coconut nucifera) testa flour

Mrs. KM Somawathie
N.Y.D.S Weerakkody EP 1716 Molecular characterisation and strain identification of isolated lactic acid bacteria from sauerkraut and evaluation of stability of the culture

Mr. ALCJ Liyange

Department of Natural Resources
Student Name Index No. Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor
Mr. A.K.A.S.N. Abeyweera EP1718 A Baseline Survey on Solid Waste Disposal Pattern and Community Awareness in Gingaga Basin Prof. J.M.C.K. Jayawardane
Mr. H.A.T. Chinthaka EP1719 Higher Plant Survey in University Premises of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal
Mr. M.H.T. Dulaj EP1720 CO2Biofixation of Waste Water from Stabilization Ponds Using Microalgal Biofilms and Potential for Biofuel Production Prof. S.K. Gunatilake
Mr. M.J.P. Fernando EP1721 Factors Influencing the Removal of Fluoride Ions from Organically Polluted Water using Ecological Purification Unit for Producing Drinking Water Prof. J.M.C.K. Jayawardane
Mr. R.D.M.G. Jayalath EP1722 Geological Mapping and Groundwater Investigation of the Premises of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Dr. D.N.S. Wanniarchchi,  Dr. L.V. Ranaweera

Mr. T.M.K.W.C. Karunaratne EP1723 Estimating the Amount of Organic Matter Remaining in Pre-Treated Water in Kandy South Water Treatment Plant in Meewathura Prof. S.K.Gunathilaka
Mr. K.H.K. Perera EP1724 Assessment of Soil Erosion in CKDU Prevalence Area in Monaragala District

Prof. S.K. Gunatilake,  Dr.E.P.N. Udayakumara

Mr. C.J. Premathunga EP1725 Towards Eco-friendly Agriculture on Mars: An Initial Study with Lettuce as the Test Plant Dr.R.G.U. Jayalal
Mr. J.M.R. Sameera EP1726 Assessing the Biodiversity in Forest Fragments in Montane Agricultural Landscape: A Case Study in Dilmah One Earth Conservation Area Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage
Mr. S.L. Sandanayake EP1727 Hydrogeological and Geophysical Investigation of Groundwater in a Selected Area of SamanalaWewa Catchment

Dr. D.N.S. Wanniarchchi, Prof.J.M.C.K. Jayawardane , Dr. L.V. Ranaweera

Ms. H.G.W.B.M.U.S. Bandaranayake EP1728 A Comparative Assessment of the Roles of Dehiwala and Pinnawala Zoos as  Ex-situ Conservation Centers Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage
Ms. J.G.P. Chandima EP1729 Correlation Among Lichen Diversity, Air Pollution and Asthma Frequency in Urban, Semi urban, Rural Landscape in Rathnapura area

Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal

Ms. D.D.L.S. De Alwis EP1730 Quantification of Habitat Regeneration After Removing Invasive Ulex Europeus in Horton Plains National Park.

Dr. Sandun. J. Perera

Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage
Ms. K.B.N.S. De Silva


Potential Solutions for Effluent Water Generated During Hydrothermal Carbonization of Food Waste

Prof. S.K. Gunatilake

Ms. K.P.W.T Deshani EP1732

Ant Diversity along an Elevation Gradient in Upper Catchment of the Walawa Basin in Sri Lanka

Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage
Ms. L.A.S. Dilhara EP1733 Relationship between ambient air pollution & Lichen diversity in Urban, Semi-urban and Rural Landscapes in Kurunegala

Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal

Prof.J.M.C.K. Jayawardane
Ms. K.H.T. Dilrukshi EP1734 Assessing Contaminated Heavy Metals in Air at Avissawella Uptown Using Mosses as a Bio-indicator

Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal        

Prof. S.K. Gunatilake
Ms. K.D.J.R. Gunasiri EP1735 An Assessment of the Biological Components that Provide Ecosystem Services in a Cascade System in Kapriggama, Rambewa, Anuradhapura District

Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage,

Dr.E.P.N. Udayakumara,

Dr. S.S.R.M.D.H.R. Wijesekara
Ms. R.M.S.P.K. Hemananda EP1736 Baseline Ethnobotanical Survey of Medicinal Plants Used in Indigenous Medicine in Embilipitiya Area, Sri Lanka Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal
Ms. D.H.K.V. Jayaweera EP1739 Inspection of the Ground Water Supply of Wells Associated Near the Paddy Fields and Tea Plantation Prof.J.M.C.K. Jayawardane
Ms. K.K.G.S Kannangara EP1740 Antibacterial Effects of Usnea Species Against Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria and Identification of Chemical Properties of Usnea Species in High Elevation Areas at Belihuloya, Sri Lanka Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal
Ms. A.D.T.N. Kumarasiri EP1741 Impacts of Soil Erosion and Forest Quality on Water Quality in Samanalawewa Watershed, Sri Lanka

Dr. E.P.N. Udayakumara

Prof.J.M.C.K. Jayawardana
Ms. G.W.S.S. Madhushani EP1742 Variation of the Land Snail and OrchidDiversity along the Elevation Gradient of Ritigala Inselberg, North-Central Sri Lanka Dr. Sandun.J. Perera
Ms. H.A.P. Madubhani EP1743 A Study of the Bird Diversity in Different Habitats in Belihuloya Area

Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage

Dr Sandun J. Perera
Ms. W.L.M. Madumika EP1744 Quantification of Habitat Regeneration After Removing Invasive Lantana camara in Udawalawa National Park

Dr. Sandun. J. Perera

Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage
Ms. M.A.P.S. Madurapperuma EP1745 Risk Analysis of a Potential Landslide Slope, Aranayake Dr. L.V. Ranaweera
Ms. R.B. Nirmalee EP1748 Developing Water Yield as Landslide Susceptibility Index

Dr. L.V. Ranaweera

Dr.E.P.N. Udayakumara
Ms. P.K.O.K. Nonis EP1749 An Assessment of the National Red-Listing Process for Mammalian Fauna and Freshwater Fish Fauna Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage
Ms. H.D.C.L. Oshadi EP1750 Assessment of Macrobenthic Community in the North Region of Negombo Lagoon in Relation to Physico-chemical Parameters Prof.J.M.C.K. Jayawardana
Ms. P.R.M. Perera EP1751 Perception Based Feasibility Assessment and Development of Conceptual Structure of Sustainable Eco-friendly Medicinal Garden in Tourism Industry

Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage

Dr.E.P.N. Udayakumara


Ms. T.V.A. Sandupama EP1752 The predatory potency of selected native and introduced fish species over Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae

Dr. Sandun J Perera

Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage
Ms. H.H.A.M. Senarathna EP1753 Diversity and Distribution of Lichens in Selected Mangroves in Galle District Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal
Ms. H.W.N. Sewwandi EP1754 Stakeholder Perception on Invasive Plant Species in Horton Plains National Park and Udawalawa National Park

Dr. E.P Kudavidanage

Dr. Sandun. J. Perera
Ms. M.A.S. Shazla EP1755 In Vitro Antioxidant, Anti-Diabetic and Immunomodulatory Effects of Methanol Extraction of Marine Algae Padina pavonica (L). Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage
Ms. P.S.A.I. Shiromi EP1756 Antimicrobial Properties of Selected Lichen Species Found in Belihuloya, Sri Lanka Dr. R.G.U Jayalal
Ms. S.D.M Silva EP1757 Effects of Land Use and Land Cover on River Ecological Health of Upper Mahaweli Catchment Prof.J.M.C.K. Jayawardhana
Ms. M.M.S. Siriwardana EP1758 The role of the Department of Wildlife Conservation in Conserving wild elephants of Sri Lanka Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage
Ms. S.D.S.M. Siriwardana EP1759 Variation of Corticolous Lichen Diversity with respect to Elevation Gradient from Udawalawa National Park to Horton Plains National Park Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal
Ms. M.D.M.  Tharanga EP1760 Threat Assessment and Ecosystem Valuation in BolgodaEnvirons

Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage

Dr. E.P.N. Udayakumara
Ms. W.G.S. Tharindi EP1761 Valuing Livelihood,Soil Quality, Carbon Storage and Sequestration Benefits of Community Forestry : Balangoda DSD

Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal        

Dr. E.P.N. Udayakumara
Ms. W.M.N.S. Wijekoon EP1762 Towards Eco-Friendly Agriculture on Mars: A Preliminary Experiment Using Rice as The Test Plant Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal
Ms. S.P. Wijerathne EP1763 The Butterfly Diversity and Conservation Planning for Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Dr. E.P. Kudavidanage

Dr. Sandun. J. Perera
Ms. M.M. Wijesooriya EP1764 Development of Bacteria Mediated Bioremediation Technique for Soil Contaminated by Used Lubricating Oil (ULO) Released from Automobiles – A Pilot Study Dr. R.G.U. Jayalal
Ms. S.A.R.M. Wijewardhana EP1765 Effect of Solid Waste Dump Site at Karadiyana on Surface and Ground Water Quality of the Surrounding Area

Prof.J.M.C.K.Jayawardane, Dr.S.S.R.M.D.H.R. Wijesekara


Department of Physical Sciences and Technologies
Student Name Index No. Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor
W.M.H.G.T.C.K. Weerakoon EP 1801 Hybrid Data Mining Model for Customer Trend Analysis in Small Medium Enterprises Dr .R.M.K.T. Rathnayaka
Department of Sport Sciences and Physical Education
Student Name Index No. Research Topic Name of the Internal Supervisor