Proposal Submitted for the Competitive Grant – 2018 by Faculty of Applied Sciences

The world bank funded Development Project of the Faculty of Applied Sciences under the Results area 2 of the AHEAD grant is aiming to enhance academic excellence, socio-emotional skill, and English language skill development. The Faculty aims to achieve those objectives through five broad activities. It is focused to develop learning and teaching resources for undergraduates under the first activity. The second activity aims to develop research facilities for undergraduates and strengthen University-Industry link through research and innovations in order to produce industry need and competitive graduates.  Under activity three, it is aimed to improve assessment methods and procedures for better assessment of the outcome.  The fourth activity is entirely focusing on the development of English language skills of the undergraduates. It is aimed to develop the physical environment around undergraduates in order to stimulate the socio-emotional skill development of undergraduates. 

The Faculty of Applied Sciences has recognized the following five activities as the most required activities to enhance academic and socio-emotional skills and English language skill of its undergraduates.

Activity 1: Enriching Curricular, Learning and Teaching

Activity 2: Enriching Research and University-Industry linkage

Activity 3: Enriching Assessment Methods, Procedures and Examination process

Activity 4: Enriching English Learning Skills

Activity 5: Enriching Learner around Environment

Project Coordinator

Dr. L.V. Ranaweera                   Senior Lecturer in Geology, Department of Natural Resources

Activity Coordinators

Dr. R.M.K.T. Rathnayake          Senior Lecturer in Statistics, Department of Physical Science and  Technology

Dr. S. Vasanthapriyan               Senior Lecturer in Computer Science,  Department of Computing and Information Systems

Dr. W.S.M. Senevirathne           Senior Lecturer in Food Science, Department of Food Science and  Technology

Dr. A.W.S. Chandana                Senior Lecturer in Sports Science, Department of Sports Science  and Physical Education

Project Assistant

W.N. Sellahewa

An agreement was signed between the University and the World Bank for funding on 19th June. 

An interview was held for selecting a Project Assistant on 18th July.

Received 1st round review report for the PAT document on 03.04.2019.