B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences and Managements Degree Program ( Specialized in Plantation Management)

Year I

Code Subject
EA 1101 Horticultural Crop Production
EA 1102 Plant Physiology
EA 1103 Principles of Agronomy
EA 1104 Principles of Soil Science
EA 1201 Biotechnology
EA 1202 Principles of Agricultural Engineering
EA 1203 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Year II

Code Subject
EA 2101 Entomology
EA 2102 Farm Mechanization
EA 2103 Farm Practice I
EA 2104 Field Crop Production
EA 2105 Plant Pathology
EA 2201 Plantation Crop Production

Year III

Code Subject
EA 3101 Agronomy and Processing of Coconut
EA 3102 Agronomy and Processing of Rubber
EA 3103 Agronomy and Processing of Sugar cane & alternative sugar crops
EA 3109 Resource Management in Plantation Industry
EA 3110 Sustainable Farming Systems
EA 3111 Tea Production and Processing
EA 3201 Diversified Crop Production
EA 3204 Environmental Impact Assessment in plant Industry
EA 3206 Plant Cell and Tissue Engineering
EA 3208 Silviculture and Commercial Forestry
AB 3203 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  On Farm Training (Non Credited Course)

Year IV

Code Subject
EA 4101 Biomass Energy Production
EA 4103 Proposal Formulation and Seminar
EA 4105 Arboriculture
EA 4108 Land Trace and Mapping 
EA 4109 Management of Soil Water
EA 4111 Sustainable soil Management
EA 4112 Traditional and Ecological Agriculture
EA 4113 Soil Waste Management
EA 4201 Industrial Training
EA 4202 Research