B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences and Management  Degree Program

Year I

Code Subject
LP 1101 Anatomy and Physiology of farm Animals
LP 1201 Principles of Food Science and Technology
LP 1202 Genetics
LP 1203 Biochemistry

Year II

Code Subject
LP 2101 Management of Non Ruminants
LP 2102 Applied Animal Nutrition and Agrostology
LP 2201 Animal Health and Hygiene
LP 2202 Management of Ruminants
LP 2203 Farm Practice

Year III

Code Subject
LP 3101 Aquaculture
LP 3102 Food & Nutrition
LP 3103 Poultry Production
LP 3104 Quality Management of Food Processing and Handling
LP 3106 Swine Production
LP 3105 Ruminant Production
LP 3201 Advanced Animal Nutrition
LP 3202 Animal Breeding
LP 3203 Dairy Technology
LP 3204 Food Microbiology
LP 3205 Health Management of Livestock Animal and Fish
LP 3206 Marine & Inland Fisheries
LP 3207 Meat Science & Technology
LP 3208 Micro Livestock Production

Year IV

Code Subject
LP 4101 Animal Reproduction & Assisted Reproductive Technologies
LP 4102 Proposal Formulation and Seminar
LP 4103 Animal Welfare & Ethics
LP 4104 Laboratory Techniques in Livestock Production 
LP 4105 Ornamental Fish Culture
LP 4106 Processing of Animal By Products
LP 4107 Wild Life Conservation
LP 4108 Quality Management of Food Processing and Handling
AB 4109 Quality Management and Product Certification
LP 4201 Industrial Training
LP 4202 Research