Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who are eligible for the degree programmes conducted by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka?

The degree programmes are available for students those who studied their A/L’s in Science and Commerce streams and they must apply through the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka.. 


When will these courses commence?

The courses will be commenced in March 2019 for the students those who sat for GCE (A/L) in 2017. Applications are also invited from the officers in the state agricultural sector and recognized private sector enterprises under special provisions. The exact date will be declared after receiving the list of registered students from the UGC. The courses will be commenced immediately after the list is received by the University.


What is the structure of the degree programmes?

Two, four-year degree (eight academic semesters) programmes with industrial internships are offered in different specializations under the following Departments.


 B.Sc. Agricultural Sciences and Management Department of Agribusiness Management
  Department of Export Agriculture
  Department of Livestock Production
B.Sc. Food Business Management Department of Agribusiness Management


Please refer to the program curriculum at


How can I find the accommodation during my stay at the University?

The students those who have registered for the degree programmes of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences are eligible for hostel facilities provided by the University for an Annual Fee of Rs. 500.00. The priority is given for the students those who come to the university away from more than 20 kilometers.


Can I get the medical facilities when it is required?

The University Medical Center fulfills the medical requirements of all registered students. In a case of emergency, the students are provided with all the necessary medical care and treatments.


Do I need to be fluent in English?

All the academic programmes are conducted in English medium. During orientation period, the students can learn English as a language. Next to the orientation programme, English language is taught throughout the period of the degree programmes. The students are always encouraged to improve their English language proficiency before their entry to the University, as it would be an added advantage for their academic works.


What sort of facilities are available to improve my academic career in the University?

The Faculty has established all the needed facilities to improve the quality of the degree programmes which can in turn be accessed by the students. A well-established library is available in the Faculty premises which has the facilities to access for e-books and national and international scientific journals. The library has a lending section and a separate referencing section with reading facilities. The Faculty computer lab is well equipped with the internet facilities and statistical packages to cater the needs of students. A separate language lab is established to improve the English language of the students.


What are the additional services provided by the University to improve the mental and physical statuses of students?

Each student will be allocated to a specific mentor from the academic staffs to discuss and to get advices to resolve the issues and challenges face during the University life. Academic staff members are well trained for mentoring students and to help students to focus on their career goals and targets while providing necessary information and directions. A separate panel of student counsellors are available to help the students to solve their issues in a confidential manner and if any student needs a special attention, necessary guidance and directions will be provided to ensure the academic and career success. All the welfare facilities are provided by the Faculty in collaboration with the Welfare Department of the University. Students are encouraged to do extra-curricular activities. The Faculty in collaboration with the Department of Physical Education support to strengthen their physical health and to enhance the skills on sports activities. Moreover, with the support of the academic staff, the students will get an opportunity to engage in vast range of activities. The students are having numerous opportunities to participate different academic programmes, workshops and seminars which help them to improve their soft skills and hard skills. Moreover, field visits are organized by the Faculty to expose the students for global knowledge and practices.


What is the procedure to follow in absence for an exam due to a medical reason?

The student should submit a medical certificate along with a request letter to the Dean Office of the Faculty. The medical certificate should be issued by a recognized medical practitioner confirming the illness and should also be approved by the Medical Officer of the Medical Centre of the University, within 14 days from the absence for an examination


Is it compulsory to attend the lectures?

Yes. The students have to attend each and every lecture session conducted by respective Department. To sit for the exam, students must fulfill the minimum requirement of 80% attendance for respective lectures. Those who fail to fulfill this aforementioned requirement, will not be qualified to sit for the examination. Those who are not qualified (NQ) are eligible to sit for the exam in subsequent semesters after fulfilling the requirement to cover lapses.


What are the options available for deferment of the degree programme?

If a student required a deferment option for his or her degree programme, he or she can make a request to the Faculty Board of the Faculty, through head of the Department under a valid reason. However, she or he has to complete the degree programme within eight (8) years since registration date for the degree programme in the University, though deferments were granted.


What could I do after I graduate?

Career Opportunities

After earning your Bachelor Degree, you could join with private or government organizations in the fields of Agribusiness Management, Commercial Horticulture, Plantation and Livestock sectors.

Post-Graduate Degree Programmes

Upon completion of your basic Degree program, you could go on to enroll in a master's degree program (M.Sc. or MPhil), which could provide you with advanced knowledge in the field of Agriculture or Food business management. Participating in such a program could also help you to empower your leadership skills, stay atop of industry trends, and develop your research skills. Once you've obtained a master's degree, you could be able to qualify for a wider variety of employment options.