Deans Message


Dr. MAGAMAGE Manjula P Sumith  
BVSc  , Peradeniya,Sri Lanka
MSc, Kobe , Japan
Phd, Kobe,  Japan


Welcome to the Faculty of agricultural Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

I am pleased to write this brief message on the occasion of launching the new website of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. Being a faculty in agricultural sciences, we endeavor to contribute towards the manpower requirements of the nation while achieving excellence in research and development. We offer a couple of four year honors degree programs one in Agricultural Sciences and Management and the other in Food Business Management. Ourfaculty is geared to provide opportunities in learning and research in areas such as agribusiness and food business management, commercial horticulture, plantation management, environment, ecological agriculture and livestock production. We are also geared to provide our students with practical skills in their respective disciplines while inculcating right attitudes. We have also instilled a healthy training on entrepreneurship and new venture creation. Therefore, our graduates are ready to take-up challenges in a diverse array of environments.

The curriculum revision concluded recently has included few new study areas into the curriculum. Accordingly, we will be able to offer a wider range of specializations.Research and development, applicability in the job market and local and international trends have been considered seriously during this curriculum revision process.Therefore, students are able to especially understand their capabilities and they can make alternative decisions on their academic life.

Our faculty; located around one kilometer from the main campus premises, offers various facilities for regular students of the faculty. It shares the facilities of the main campus of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. Our faculty has its own fully fledged library that has a very healthy collection of text books, other printed study resources and also electronic material. The library also has an E-learning center. Other facilities of the faculty include a computer unit, laboratories, agri-tourism unit and the faculty farm.

Innovative teaching, learning and evaluations are helpful to produce employable graduates at our faculty. We also pay a special emphasis on producing and introducing agro-entrepreneurs who are capable of running their own ventures. While wishing all our students and alumni good luck I wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who help us immensely in conducting the study program at our faculty to produce graduates who are worthwhile and useful to the society.