B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences and Managements Degree Program ( Specialized in Agribusiness Management)

Year I

Code Subject
AB 1101 Mathematics
AB 1102 Microeconomics
AB 1201 Applied Statistics
AB1202 Principles of Agribusiness Management

Year II

Code Subject
AB 2101 Experimental and Survey Design
AB 2201 Agricultural Extension
AB 2203 Human Resource Management I

Year III

Code Subject
AB 3101 Advanced Agribusiness Management
AB 3102 Agricultural Finance and Accounting
AB 3103 Business Communication
AB 3104 Managerial Economics for Decision Making
AB 3105 Marketing Management
AB 3106 Organizational Behavior and Dynamics
AB 3201 Agricultural Marketting and postharvest Management
AB 3202 Business Law
AB 3203 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
AB 3204 Information Technology in Agribusiness
AB 3205 Research Methods for Agribusiness
AB 3206 Social Interventions in Rural Development

Year IV

Code Subject
AB 4101 Agricultural Development and policy
AB 4102 Agricultural Tourisum
AB 4103 GIS and Remote Sensing in Agribusiness
AB 4104 Human Resource Management II
AB 4105 International Business and Trade Operations
AB 4106 Practical Communication Skills
AB 4107 Proposal Formulation and Seminar
AB 4108 Quantitative Techniques in Agribusiness
AB 4109 Quality Management and Product certification
AB 4110 Strategic Management and Management of Change
AB 4201 Industrial Training
AB4102 Research