About us

Objectives of CRKD

  • To enhance the Sustainability of the University
  • To integrate Internal Resource bases and External Stakeholders or Potential Customers
  • To maximize the Value and Usefulness of Academic and Intellectual Resources
  • To enhance the Marketing of University and increase the Market Share
  • To enhance National and Global Contribution of the University
  • To improve the Image and raise the Rank of the University


Goals of CRKD

  • To upgrade the University as a Research University in Sri Lanka within next five years
  • To appear the University within next two years as the Prominent Urgency for Strategic Solutions and Skills to anticipate Emerging Issues and Challenges
  • To receive higher percentage of Institutional and Individual Research Grants from Various Agencies
  • To obtain higher number of Problem Solving and Skill Building Projects at Local, Regional, National and International Levels
  • To raise the University Rank to reach within 2000 in next five years


  • Promoting Research Culture
  • Encouraging and Publish Research Outputs
  • Provide Avenues and Platform to enhance knowledge of Internal Stakeholders
  • Generate Channels and Opportunities to disseminate Knowledge
  • Enterprise and assist to Market the University
  • Assist to anticipate Needs and Wants of stakeholders



  • Research and Survey
  • Knowledge/Strategic Solutions
  • Capacity/Skill Building
  • IT and Communication based Solutions